Review: High Sierra Composite Wheeled Duffle

G’day Travelers! As you would know, over the last 12 months I’ve done a fair bit of travelling.

And up until about 6 months ago, I was using a traditional backpacker-style backpack as my main checked luggage. While on my previous trips that were off the beaten path, that style backpack had been perfect. But lugging it around in addition to my camera bag on the short sharp trips, mostly in cities, that I have been doing this year had become quite tedious.

So 6 months ago I went looking for an alternative check luggage solution. Something that would be versatile, but also had wheels to make countless airport check-ins and transfers much, much easier. My search led me to pick up a High Sierra Composite Wheeled Duffle for my main luggage.

What I like about the High Sierra Composite Wheeled Duffle

The first thing I really liked about the bag was that it was relatively lightweight. Compared to the backpack I had been using previously, I’d saved myself 3kg’s in baggage allowance just simply by switching over to the High Sierra bag. A big difference when I’ve got a hefty tripod to carry around with me.

Secondly, and probably the main reason for switching, was the portability. I know most luggage these days does have handles and wheels but being able to switch the bag from rolling luggage over to a backpack with just two zippers has been extremely handy.

It’s a feature that means I won’t have to revert back to my old backpack if I travel somewhere a little off the beaten path where dragging a wheelie bag around just simply isn’t practical.

Thirdly the large zipper-accessible pockets make for easy accessibility. That’s something I’d not had for a long time using a backpack. However, it has made a living out of the bag (which I’ve done a fair bit of) very easy. You can just show up to your accommodation, unzip the back and have easy access to almost everything you packed.

What I don’t like about the High Sierra Composite Wheeled Duffle

I can’t really fault the bag at all. It’s held up to the rigours of dozens of flights, hotel transfers and ride-sharing rides without fault.

If I had to nitpick, the only real issue with the High Sierra bag is that it doesn’t have any small pockets. I’ve got a couple of little items that I keep in my bag because they are handy.

In my previous bag, I had some small pockets to keep these smaller items easily accessible. But now they tend to get lost in the bottom of the big pockets. It would be nice to have a couple of small pockets to keep those items handy. However, I could also buy something like packing cubes also to resolve that issue.


There are a million and one different luggage options, so I’m not going to go into all the different options that are available. I did have a look at a number of different options, but I couldn’t find anything else with the versatility of the High Sierra Composite Wheeled Duffle. Especially the option to convert it into a backpack.


For me, the High Sierra Composite Wheeled Duffle fits my needs perfectly. Its flexibility to be rolled and carried as a backpack has been really handy. I’ve used it on both short and long trips without issues, and it’s held up to numerous baggage handlers and baggage carousels without fault. At the end of the day, that’s all you need from your luggage.

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